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Why choose Kushies® Cloth Diapers?


Better for your baby. More and more parents are choosing 100% cotton for their baby's clothing as natural fibres feel better. Kushies® diapers are made of 100% soft cotton flannel. Cloth diapers are healthier for your baby's skin allowing it to breathe. Not only is cotton more comfortable, it's cooler and more natural to baby's skin, especially on sensitive body parts. Why diaper your baby in chemical-laden disposables when you can use soft, natural cotton.


How many diapers do I need?


The following quantity is suggested for the Kushies® Diapering System:

Infant size - (10-22 lbs/4-10 kg) - 25-30 diapers
Toddler size - (22-45 lbs/10-20 kg) - 20-25 diapers
Washable Liners - (Infant/Toddler size) - 2 packs of 10
Flushable Biodegradable Liners - (100 sheets per roll) - 3 rolls to start
Diaper Wraps (if applicable) - 6 of each size (Infant and Toddler)


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